2021 Dated Planner - Pink Terrazzo

Talking Out of Turn

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Packed with color, monthly calendars featuring a habit tracker, daily lists, and holiday dates and illustrations, they also feature some not so typical pages like extra focused goal-setting guides, monthly dashboards that help you break down your yearly goals into actionable habits, a monthly recap to reflect on what is working and what isn't, vision boards, and of course, cute illustrations throughout! The weekly layouts feature daily bubbles for water intake, exercise, and mindfulness. Our planner features a quick start guide to get you started quickly but also includes a booklet of very detailed instructions and examples. We've also included resources of ideas to help you with ideas in case you get stuck. There is a password tracker, a reading /watching / listening log, a sticker sheet, and a folder to keep all your loose ends together. She really is a beauty and we've worked tirelessly on her, if you're so over blank white papered agendas with no purpose or accountability then THIS is the planner for you! 


  • 7.9375" W x 10.375" H
  • Coil Binding with Elastic Closure
  • 222 pages (111 sheets) + pocket inside front cover
  • Stickers + Intro to Planners Booklet in pocket!